will achieve Success

Do You BELIEVE in the POWER of the Internet
and the Concept of Working FROM Home?

How would YOU...Live YOUR Life
...if in the NEXT 10 YEARS
Money was NO longer an Issue?

Would $300,000 Change Your Life?
What about 2 Million Dollars?

To Make Money Online is SUPER Simple
Yet Only a FEW Really make it Big
And the Majority Just Watch

Even Worse...
The Majority Pay for the FEW Who make it Big
...while they (the Majority) Watch and Suffer

Success Online...
Requires YOU to Sell Products or Services,
Build a Network(refer others) or BOTH

MOST cannot Sell
MOST cannot Build a Network
Which is why...ONLY a few Really make it BIG

The NEW Internet Revolutionized Marketing Platform
Where EVERYONE Succeed...WITHOUT Selling or
Referring Others...HOW? The Platform will do it for YOU!

Come let our Marketing Platform
      BE YOUR "PLAN A"

Let me Show YOU...
How Powerful our "PLAN A" is

Where would you put your Money?
If there was a way to get 10% return on your money
every year for the Next 10 years...would you do it?

Or would you put your money in "PLAN A"?

Let's Compare...
10% return per year compounded Yearly
Starting with $150 or $250 or $1000

Year1    $165    $275      $1100
Year2    181      302       1210
Year3     200      332        1331
Year4     219      366        1464
Year5    241     402        1610
Year6     265      442        1771
Year7    291     487        1948
Year8     320      535        2143
Year9     352      589        2358
Year10  388     648        2593

At the end of 10 Years...if you started with $150
You would have a TOTAL of $388
If you started with $250 your Total would be $648
If you started with $1000 your Total would be $2,593

Not Very Exciting is it?

           What about "PLAN A"?
Start with $97 Now...upon launch $150
(Total Out of Pocket = $247)
2 Years.........$43,000
5 Years.......$300,000
7 Years.......$600,000
10 Years.......$2 Million

This is WHY Robert Kiyosaki (Millionaire and Best
Selling author: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant)
stated: The Richest people in the world BUILD
; Everyone else looks for WORK.

Tell me...Where would you put your $250?

Not even the World's BEST Money Managers could
take your $250 and turn it into $648 after 10 Years
...let alone $2Million...yet these Money Managers are
Multi-Millionaires and some...even Billionaires...

                 What about you...the Client?
       First of all...they would not take your $250
You would need at least a Net worth of 1 Million Dollars
            But if they did...$648 after 10 YEARS!

$648 AFTER 10 YEARS...or would you rather have
$43,000, $300,000, 600,000, or even $2Million?

Furthermore, If you put $1000 in "PLAN A"...
then you make the above FASTER
(potentially 1 year(43K), 3 years(300K),
5 years(600K), 7 years(2M))

What's your Choice my friend?

All YOU have to do is BECOME A FOUNDER NOW

Got questions...just ask

To Your Greatest Success
Michael Williams-AIM


http:// automaticinternetmillionaire. ws/

GoFounders/OnPassive("PLAN A") is NOT an's a real business model and there
are actual products and benefits. The above is only
for explaining purposes and is NOT a Guarantee of

You will NOT receive 1%, 2%, etc. on your money
but are Investing in YOUR OWN Business
Your out of pocket outlay is used to Build YOUR Business
You are PAYING to have the WORK of Building a
100% DONE FOR YOU paying to have your Grass cut...or your Snow
shoveled...or the Dentist to Clean your teeth...or your
Accountant to file your tax return...or your Housekeeper
to clean your home...or your Personal Chef to cook your
food...You could do all that yourself...or you could
pay someone to do it for you...
I choose to PAY do the WORK for me


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